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L Shape with island

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An L Shape with island kitchen layout with an island work space provides for maximum flexibility in cooking, entertaining and hanging out. A kitchen island is a counter top unattached to the main kitchen area, with access from all sides. The L Shape with island kitchen shown here has three distinct zones, with enough space between them for free movement. The island, with its under-counter storage, provides additional space in the kitchen that can also be used as a breakfast counter.

The additional island space can be designed in different ways to suit personal preferences. For example, some people would prefer to have the cooking range or the stove on the island, so that they can face the rest of the house while cooking. While some would prefer using it as a dining space that is close to the cooking area, yet exclusive. The island, with its under-counter wine cellar and raised bar top, makes a great place for casual dining or drinks. It can even encompass a fourth zone when necessary, as the lower counter provides an extra surface for prep work (and he upper level conveniently hides the mess).

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